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Wow! This series has been an inspiration! You Rock Mary!

Mary R

Yes, I'll definitely do it again with more training with a fully loaded bike, and a lighter load next time. Really, who needs to carry 8 pounds of water through the snow? Oh, except it might be 90 degrees next year!


That's an epic adventure to say the least! Sounds like you've now got some additional inspiration to take on this challenge again. The weather extremes alone can be punishing enough both mentally and physically. Reminds me of the torcherous 'Death Ride'; frosty morning, hot valleys, and hypothermic, stormy mtn passes.

Tim McCabe

Good job Mary, I enjoyed riding with you that first day in the snow. Getting past Tucson can be a real hurdle take my word for it two years in a row I bailed just glad to be home.

Scott Morris

Great writeup, Mary. I enjoyed reading it.

Congrats on giving it a go. Hope to see you next year, maybe without the snowy start this time!


Well done! The ride, the adventure, the challenge and by the sounds of it...you are well done too. LOL Inspiring in so many ways...mostly to view each day of our lives with wonder and appreciation. Thanks for doing that.

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